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Easy backyard workout for the summer

June 01, 2022, Featured
With warm summer weather, let’s get out of the hot and stuffy gym and into the fresh air in your own backyard. Soak up Vitamin D with an easy outdoor workout, whether you have home gym equipment or not! Read More

What treadmill should I buy

May 15, 2022, Featured
We’ve all had the thought of “what if I buy a treadmill? I can just run at home!”, but we often never end up doing it. The choices are frankly overwhelming, and with so many options on the market, it can be impossible to pick the right one. There is no one best treadmill that everyone will love equally. The best treadmill is the one you actually use consistently. So let’s see what you need to look for when buying a treadmill and what factors to consider before dedicating a corner of your living room to this piece of equipment!Read More
Are you outfitting your home gym and wondering if you need an exercise mat? And are they actually any different than a typical yoga mat that most of us already have at home somewhere? Let’s see!Read More
Strong core, great posture, nice abs—what else could you want?! Whatever your fitness goals are, a strong core is the foundation to your health. You can start working on your abs from home with a few simple exercises and no equipment at all!Read More

5 Best CrossFit Workouts Beginner

April 02, 2022, Featured
You can totally do CrossFit at home. Here are the exercises to get started with and why CrossFit is cool.Read More