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When picking out a brand new barbell, you might have come across a men's Olympic bar and a women's Olympic bar. Here is what the difference is:Read More

Is a pull-up bar worth it?

October 07, 2021, Featured
Install a pull-up bar in your home and watch how fast you learn to do a proper pull-up or even a chin-up! Here is everything to know about pull-up bars:Read More

How to use medicine balls for working out?

September 15, 2021, Featured
Medicine balls, slam balls, and wall balls are fantastic to have in your home gym arsenal and the exercises are incredibly fun.Read More

What’s a lifting belt and do you need it?

September 03, 2021, Featured
Do you require a fancy lifting belt if you decide to get into lifting at home? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks in our weight lifting belt guide:Read More

Crumb Bumper Plates Vs. Regular

August 16, 2021, Featured
Ready to start up your own home gym? When choosing weight plates, you have some options: steel, regular rubber bumper plates, or crumb rubber bumper plates.Read More