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A power rack (also known as a squat rack, squat cage, and power cage) is one of the most fundamental pieces of gym equipment today.Read More

What is an Air Bike and do I need one?

July 15, 2021, Featured
We know cardio is important but how many people genuinely enjoy doing it? This might all change with a magical new machine on the market that cuts your cardio time in half. On a new fitness contraption called an Air Bike or fan bike, you can work up a real sweat and burn fat quickly.Read More
The debate between a flat or an adjustable weight lifting bench is an ongoing one. Learn about the pros and cons of each:Read More

How to use resistance bands at home

June 16, 2021, Featured
Resistance bands are probably the smallest but most effective piece of gym equipment you will own. Here is why we love them:Read More

What’s the best kettlebell to get?

June 01, 2021, Featured
Kettlebells are far from outdated and you can enjoy amazing workouts with them today. Pick from cast iron, adjustable, or vinyl coated kettlebells:Read More