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Hyperextension workout and equipment

October 02, 2022, Featured
Back extension, hyperextension… Is it good? Is it bad? Let’s find out what a hyperextension workout is, what the benefits are, and if you can do it at home.Read More

How to use jump boxes in a workout

September 15, 2022, Featured
Let’s practice your vertical — the vertical jump that is. Jump boxes are versatile gym equipment, popular in functional training programs and in cross-fit gyms. Here is how to use jump boxes in a workout so you can decide whether or not you need them for your home gym.Read More

How to set up a home gym in a garage

August 15, 2022, Featured
If you don’t have an extra bedroom in your house or some free space in the basement, the garage is your next best bet for a DIY home gym! In fact, a lot of commercial gyms are set up in industrial warehouses too. Let’s see how to best organize your garage gym and what kind of workout you can do there. Read More

What are hex dumbbells

August 02, 2022, Featured
With so much gym equipment on the market today, it can be confusing to select what weights and machines to use for your workout, let alone choose how to outfit your home gym. Let’s see what hex dumbbells are, if they are any different than normal dumbbells and whether they are worth the investment.Read More

What are wearable weights?

July 16, 2022, Featured
You’ve seen people with wearable weights in the gym before, although you might not have known they were called that. Put simply, you wear weights on your body when exercising, as opposed to lifting or pushing weights on a machine. Let’s dive into the different types of wearable weights, how and if they actually work, and what the benefits might be.Read More