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GF-1000 Home Gym Power Rack


Gearforfit GF-1000 Home Gym Power Rack (PROMOTIONAL PRICE)

Our power rack is designed to fit under your budget and under your ceiling. A solid rack perfect for any home gym! At 83" tall, it's a great power rack to put in a spare bedroom or basement / garage gym. At a weight capacity of 700 lbs, it can handle more weight than most of us will ever lift - but do it while still feeling solid and safe. Weight storage pegs on the back add to the utility and stability.  Safeties with a chrome coating, and -updated- J-cups with plastic covering that give this power rack an awesome look and finish. 

1. Dual Pull-up Bars - thick and normal pull up bars - for either a 2 person workout, an optional pull up bar if you're racking the bar on one side, OR use the thick pull up bar to challenge your grip more and increase your forearm strength.

2. Numbered Uprights - faster and more accurate adjustments for your safeties and j-cups.  No more tilted barbells with an awkward re-adjustment.

3. Plastic Lined J-Cups - protect your barbell and rack's finish to avoid rusting, and any possible knurl damage.

4. Extended Safeties - Safeties that extend out and can be used to rack a barbell.  We recommend to mostly be using our J-cups to both protect the finish and knurl.  Buy an extra pair to help!

5. Base Weight Storage - Help stabilize your rack by throwing a couple spare plates on the back.  Also, important to counter-balance on the opposite peg when doing dips.


  • 83"(height) x 48"(width) x 48"(depth) - 58" wide at rear bottom brace
  • 26" depth inside to inside, 44" wide inside to inside
  • 2x2" steel
  • Plastic lined j-cups to protect bar knurl
  • 2" hole spacing throughout working area
  • 1.25" and 2" Pull up bars
  • Numbered uprights every 5th hole
  • Extra bar holders on the front of safeties, great for pressing outside the rack
  • 2 Weight horns on rear base for storage and added stability
  • 700lb weight capacity
  • 400lb pull up bar capacity




(5 stars) by Paul on October 16, 2021

I bought this rack during the height of the lockdown for 4 reasons: 1) it is very good value 2) it was available and could be picked-up locally 3) it fit in my basement 4) the staff at Gear for Fit were quick to take my calls and answer any questions I had. This rack is of excellent quality. It was easy to assemble, and none of the bolts have loosened, and the finish is still perfect. It is a sturdy rack. It doesn't move when doing pull-ups/chin-ups. The only time it moved was when I slammed a loaded (350lbs+) barbell into the upright after squats. The weight pegs are helpful in this regard. The included j-cups will certainly handle most 'average' lifters' needs as will the safety bars and their front bar holder. There are also a lot of sneaky-good add-ons for this rack. I own the dip bars, the landmine press, and the lat pull down, and all function superbly, and the rack remains solid. I have also seen the plate pegs/holders as well as a plate holder addition to the rack (though that is not seen online). My only challenge with the rack is that the 2inch hole spacing is a little broad for setting the safety bars for benching, but I was aware of this when I bought it.

(5 stars) by Paul on October 16, 2021

I bought this rack in the height of the lockdown for 4 main reasons: 1) It is affordable 2) It was available (and ready forff

(5 stars) by Niko on February 23, 2021

Solid Buy! Been waiting forever to pick this up but was worth the wait. It's the best beginner rack. Great for squats, pull ups, bench press, muscle ups, rows, overhead press, etc. 10/10!!

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