Ultimate Competition Wide Pad Flat bench C3


GF Ultimate Competition Wide Pad Flat Bench C3 

C3 Competition bench uses 3x3” 11 gauge steel frame, weighs 79.3 lbs and takes up 7.36SQFT of space. The design is fully compliant with the International Powerlifting Federation’s height standards, and features a high-density 4” thick pad that is made from heavy-duty, non-slip grippy material. It is constructed with 11 gauge steel, so it is beefy and durable, with a weight capacity of 1,000lbs. Stable tripod foot design provides you with optimal leg drive, allowing you the ability to prepare for your next competition with an advantage


  • Black powder coated finish

  • Built in handle and castors for easy movement

  • Anti slip pad​

  • 11 gauge steel frame, with reinforced connecting plates

  • Floor to top : 16.5"

  • Pad measurements: 4" x14" x 48"

  • Maximum capacity of over 1000 lbs

  • Bench weight:79.3lbs


3 Years frame warranty, 90 days upholstery warranty

Brand: Gearforfit

11 reviews for this product

(5 stars) by Home Run on November 23, 2023
This bench was everything I hoped it would be. Shipped in record time. Price was incredible even before the Black Friday sale. My bench press has never felt more stable. Grippy fat pad makes benching extremely comfortable. Feel like I stole something getting this bench at this price.
(5 stars) by Jordan on August 09, 2022
Excellent bench. Comparable to the REP FB-5000, without the absurd shipping to Canada. You can't really find this sort of bench in Canada without paying a absurd bench, would recommend to anyone who is looking for a flat bench.
(5 stars) by Clay on January 14, 2022
Seemed too good to be true... but it's exactly what I was looking for. The only other wide pad benches I could find were 2-3 times the price. Shipped ahead of estimate, arrived faster than expected. The bench itself is sturdy enough that if I saw it in a commercial gym I wouldn't be concerned. Quality seems great. I've used it 3 times now and it feels great. If I could give 6 stars, based on the price quality and shipping I would.
(5 stars) by Piero on December 31, 2021
This is absolutely the best bench in the market @ this price. A Rogue bench similar to this one is more than double, if not quadruple the price with shipment. This bench is very heavy, rock solid, easy to manouvre with back wheels & very comfortable @ same time, perfectly shoulder supported with it's 14" thick pad widht. It fits perfectly under my rack with its perfect height & leg ability to easily push my feet on the ground during lifts. Olympic lift to attend with its 1000 lbs capacity breaking my PR as safe as possible is very motivational. I Highly recommend this bench like all the professional racks & equipments they have, a must see. They are open to public, it is worth it to check this place out in Markham, excellent products @ excellent price.
(5 stars) by Andy on September 01, 2021
High quality fat pad flat bench. I've never heard of Gear for Fit , took a chance and ordered. My bench was shipped out the following business day and delivered to Montreal in 2 days. The price for this bench is incredible for what you get. I am really happy with this purchase.
(5 stars) by Jon on July 18, 2021
This bench is an absolute unit and is an absolute steal. I highly recommend it!
(5 stars) by Steve W on July 05, 2021
I don't know why Gear For Fit isn't more well known. Wish i found these guys sooner. This bench is - hands down - the best value flat bench on the market. Doesn't even come close. After injuring my shoulder by benching heavy all pandemic long on a narrow FID bench from another retailer, i realized i needed a dedicated flat bench with a wider pad. Why not a fat pad while i'm at it? Did my research on basically all the fat pad benches available in Canada and this bench topped the list in terms of specs and value. Shipping was reasonable and surprisingly fast to get to BC. The bench was packed very very well and was pristine out of the box. Quick 20 minute assembly with the proper tools.
(5 stars) by Jaemmy on January 11, 2021
This thing is a tank! love the wide fat pad. I lucked out and got the last one before they went out of stock. Initially ordered the 12" version and it was at my door the following day. Ended up exchanging it for the 14" version when I found out it was available. Customer service was A+. Will be recommending this company to anyone in Canada looking for quality equipment.
(5 stars) by jerry on December 28, 2020
awesome bench. extra width provides extra shoulder support and helps when you are a little off centre. customer service is even better. ordered 11 pm the night before and it was ready for pick up before noon the following day
(5 stars) by Gainz on November 23, 2020
This is the best bench I've ever used and you cannot find it literally Anywhere in Canada. I gained 50lbs on my bench press the first time I used it. Highly suggest, great company, great owner.
(5 stars) by Zoltan on November 21, 2020
This bench is rock solid and built like a heavy German tank - the only two things that could survive a nuclear war are the cockroaches and this benchs' frame. It is surprisingly affordable but definitely not cheap in terms of quality - all pieces packaged separately in the box, the welds are clean, the powder coating is spotless, the pad is extra thick and extra firm, so you won't sink into it while pressing heavy. The nameplate instead of a sticker is a nice little detail. It's really close (if not a match) to Rogue level, definitely on par with REP and above anything else - for a fraction of the price. A very important thing to mention - the front foot of the bench has no cross-members, no huge stabilizers etc., so let you position your feet freely - that's what I was looking for after my previous bench. Overall I'm really impressed with the look, feel and quality of this bench and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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