GF Air skier


Our Ski Trainer develops both strength and endurance and is a full-body workout that fully engages your core. Utilize both the double pole and a classic alternating arm technique just like you are actually skiing. 

  • Experience the aerobic fitness method of indoor skiing
  • 1. High calorie consumption (because many muscle groups are used)
  • 2. Exercise the upper body (participate by stretching)
  • 3. Exercise the lower body (the legs are stretched each time)
  • 4. Exercise the torso (abdominal muscles and back are essential for skiing)
  • 5. Effectively perform aerobic fitness and strength training
  • 6. An excellent way to reduce stress and enhance physical and mental health
  • 7. Ten gear resistance adjustment
  • 8. The maximum of weight bearing is 330lb
Brand: Gearforfit
SKU: ski-erg-231

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