GF Open Hex Bar - Trap bar with Rotating Sleeves


GF Open Hex Bar - Trap bar with Rotating Sleeves  

The trap bar, or hex bar, as they are often known by both names, is a must-have for any home gym. It is a versatile, space efficient system for building overall fitness and developing deadlift strength. It features an open-ended frame which is superior to the traditional closed-frame design, which allows you the ability to being access to many more movements than with a closed-frame design and add Romanian deadlifts, weighted carries, lunges, and more, while still being perfectly balanced for your deadlifts and shrugs to your regime.


  • Weight of the bar: 47lbs
  • Overall length 59" / Width 22"
  • Length of the sleeves 9.7"
  • Rotating Sleeves for smoother performance
  • Tested weight Capacity of 700lb
Categorie: BARS
Brand: Gearforfit
SKU: TB001

3 reviews for this product

(4 stars) by Arslan on July 21, 2024
Not bad, the price was great. I wish it came with the springs at the end to lock in the weights.
(5 stars) by More than awesome 👍 on May 09, 2023
Ordered this beast and it arrived fast in Quebec city after a few days! Delivery was perfect with FedEx, product in flawless condition, the cats are enjoying the bog box. Back to the bar...Passive knurling on the top and bottom handles is alright to my taste. The sleeves are rotating well. I love the integrated jack to facilitate the plate loading process. It'll tip with the fist plate but will stay in a loadable position, I see it more as a mechanic than a con. Now, to be really honest, I wanted the BoS open trap bar but wasn't happy to shell out 400$+ tx to get it, it just didn't make any sense to pay that much. Found this site through google shopping tab and so happy I did. Thanks Gear for Fit to garnish my home gym with such premium gear at an affordable price! Would recommend any day! Now more variety is within reach for my training and I did not break the bank!
(5 stars) by Paul on October 15, 2022
Great value trap bar. Thinner handles at 25mm but not a deal breaker. Knurling is better then expected. Gear for fit for this delivered to me in 1 day. Sleeve length is shorter than standard bars but as you can see from the pic I am able to put 6 iron plates and a collar on each side. That is close to 600lbs and plenty of weight for most.

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