GFF Commercial Arched Swiss Bar 45lb


Commercial Arched Kabuki Swiss Bar 45lb 

One of the most versatile specialty Swiss Bar available on the market (Can be used as a cable attachment as well). GF Arched Swiss bar is primarily a bench press / neutral grip football barbell, it can also be used for curls, skull crushers, rows, lat pull-downs, and more.


Bar Length - 87.5 Inches, Sleave length - 17.5 Inches

Distance between rackable portion of the bar: 41", Width 7"

Knurling - Mild

SKU: sw-bar-arc

3 reviews for this product

(5 stars) by Charles on February 07, 2024
Super happy with this bar! It looks almost identical to the Kabuki one except that it has 3 bolts instead of 4 on each side and has a welded-on cable attachment. I was told that each bolt has a capacity of 250 lbs so that would mean the bar can handle pretty much anything most people could ever lift. Knurling is very mild but the bar has been amazing for helping to heal my shoulders! Highly recommended for all upper body work and could even be used for things like belt squats!
(5 stars) by Ly on September 14, 2023
I just used my arched Swiss bar n I love it. I'm so glad I didn't purchase the bells of steel like everyone said was the next best option to the kabuki. It Def helped my shoulder n elbows I feel nothing after a heavy day. It was Def ez to use unlike what others have said. I can see overhead pressing will be amazing with it as well. All in all 5 stars all day. If you have joint pain after benching get this bar n don't bother with the toy ones that need special collars n are only 25 pounds of uselessness.
(5 stars) by Martin on May 13, 2023
Same as the Rogue Kabuki Kadillac but at 1/5th of the price. Heavy, knurled handles and same dimensions. What a good deal, I’m telling everybody to come buy this. Beats all the 25lb versions out there.

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