GF Standing Arm Preacher Curl


GF Standing Arm Preacher Curl

Get the strong bicep muscles you've always wanted with this standing preacher curl. Our specialty bench lets your arm move easily and has a comfy armrest that's shaped just right for your workout. This helps you make the most of your bicep exercises and get great results

Frame: Built with tough 2” x 2”, 12-gauge steel for durability.
Padding: The padding made of two layers of vinyl handles tough arm curl workouts without wearing down.
Barbell Holder: The chrome-plated steel holder can handle up to 200 lb.
Seat: Use the saddled seat pad for standing or sitting. It offers extra help when lowering the curl bar.
Armrest: The curved arm/preacher pad fits naturally under your arm for comfort. The pad can pivot to suit different body types.
Adjustable: Adjust the seat by 3 positions for a 4” range, the arm pad by 5 positions for an 8.5” range, and the bar holder by 3 positions for a 4” range.
Dimensions: 40.5” x 25.5”. Pad size: 24" by 13"


Brand: Gearforfit
SKU: pre-cur-sta

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