GF Plate-Loaded Fly Machine


GF Plate-Loaded Fly Machine 

Maximize your chest day with this advanced, versatile freestanding upper-body machine. Designed to effectively target and develop crucial muscles like the chest, back, shoulders, pectorals, and deltoids, it offers a comprehensive workout. Its adjustable features cater to all user sizes, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes. Easy to place in any gym setting, this machine is essential for enhancing upper-body strength, toning muscles, and achieving a well-defined physique. It's a must-have for anyone looking to boost muscle building, and endurance, or diversify their exercise routine.

This robust upper-body machine, made with 2 x 2-inch steel tubing, boasts adjustable dual overhead variable resistance cams. These cams enable independent arm movement for individual rows, as well as collaborative use in both unilateral and bilateral exercises. It's specially designed to allow a full range of motion, offering an extensive stretch for effective pectoral and rear deltoid development. Its low-profile design includes an adjustable seat, thick padding for comfort, dual Olympic plate-compatible weight sleeves, and versatile swivel handles with 360-degree motion. The handles are dual-purpose: the top for posterior delt/shoulder workouts and the bottom for intense chest exercises. This multi-functional, comfortable, and highly efficient Plate-Loaded Fly Machine is perfect for enhancing your chest day workouts.


Height: 65-in.
Width: 28-in.
Arms Extended: 61.5-in.
Arms & Handles Extended: 74.5-in.
Material: 2 x 2-in frame, 12 gauge steel.
Max Weight Capacity 300 lb.



Brand: Gearforfit
SKU: SKU1032

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(5 stars) by Deep stretch! on February 03, 2024
Smooth resistance for a deep stretch in the chest and burns the rear delts. Very happy with my purchase!

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