Foldable Weight Bench Adjustable Back/Seat FB17.02

  • Commercial Quality Steel, Unique design, Rated up to 550 LB
  • 7 Back Positions and 3 Seat positions for Complete workout.
  • Comes preassembled, completely foldable, put it away after workout.
  • Foldable Size 30 inches L x 16 W x 9 H
  • Lightweight, yet stable and strong
  • Full decline position for bench press, abs and other exercises


Brand: Gearforfit

4 reviews for this product

(4 stars) by Kai on April 29, 2021
Surprisingly sturdy. I was debating as to whether I should get a heavier one, but this one does its job. As someone stated already, it is quite high. I can still do the rows (around 5'9'') but it is a bit uncomfortable. I stand on a bumper plate to do it haha. I feel that the seat is a bit too deep when doing DB shoulder press as well, but personally, as long as I can finish the workouts it is no biggie. The price is good enough!
(5 stars) by Rachel on March 06, 2021
Good bench, seems well made. Just as a FYI for fellow short people, I'm 5'2" and my feet don't touch the floor while sitting on the bench. I also can't do bent over rows using the bench because of how high it is. Emailed Gear for Fit and they informed me bench height can't be lowered.
(5 stars) by Jim on February 02, 2021
Its a decent bench, great fall small spaces. Very light and portable.
(4 stars) by Gary on December 26, 2020
just got it, but so far pretty good.

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